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Individual Therapy

Welcome to Healing Hour, where Abhishek Faria specializes in providing transformative 'Individual Therapy' tailored to your unique needs. Abhishek is dedicated to assisting individuals in their journey towards improved personal and interpersonal functioning, self-awareness, and overall well-being.

In individual therapy sessions, Mr. Abhishek Faria collaborates with clients to identify underlying causes of distress and address specific areas in need of improvement. He offers support in various areas, including boosting self-esteem, enhancing communication skills, stress and anxiety management, improving decision-making skills, addiction recovery, trauma resolution, developing healthier relationships, emotional wellbeing and increasing overall life satisfaction.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your personal or professional life, achieve greater self-awareness, build confidence, or better understand your emotions and conditions, individual therapy with Mr. Abhishek Faria can be a valuable resource. Sessions involve a collaborative effort, utilizing therapeutic approaches such as CBT, DBT, REBT, MBT, ACT, Psychodynamic approaches, and more, tailored to meet individual needs and goals.

Mr. Abhishek Faria can assist with a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  1. Adjustment / Social issues
  2. Alcohol / Other Drugs
  3. Anger Management
  4. Anxiety / Stress
  5. Behavioral / Mood Changes (Depression) / Suicidality
  6. Eating Concerns / Self-Esteem / Body Image
  7. Gender Identity / LGBTQI+
  8. Relationship Conflicts
  9. Sexual Concerns
  10. Spirituality
  11. Trauma / Violence
  12. Emotional Support
  13. Other Mental and Physical Conditions

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Mr. Abhishek Faria at Healing Hour. Your well-being is our priority.

Sports and Exercise Psychotherapy

Welcome to Healing Hour, where Mr. Abhishek Faria specializes in 'Sports and Exercise Psychotherapy' to elevate athletes towards their peak potential. Our psychotherapy services are designed to enhance performance, well-being, and the overall enjoyment of sports.

Athletes, whether individually or as part of a team, can benefit from tailored psychotherapy sessions. Abhishek Faria guides athletes in acquiring relaxation techniques to manage anxiety, identifying and achieving performance goals, effectively handling pain and stress related to injuries, and navigating the rehabilitation process. The focus extends beyond the field to help athletes cope with off-the-field challenges, fostering a balanced approach to both their daily lives and athletic endeavors.

Our services extend to individual athletes, parents, coaches, and entire teams. Coaches and parents have the opportunity to learn valuable techniques and strategies, empowering them to support athletes in achieving optimal mental and physical health, resulting in enhanced athletic performance.

For teams, our effective team-building exercises create a conducive environment for collaboration, healthy team dynamics, and winning patterns. Embrace the power of 'Sports and Exercise Psychotherapy' at Healing Hour to unlock the mental resilience and strategies essential for athletic success. Abhishek Faria is your partner in the pursuit of peak performance and holistic well-being.

Fitness Training

Welcome to Healing Hour, where Mr. Abhishek Faria leads transformative 'Physical Fitness Training' services to empower your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Embrace a holistic approach that goes beyond conventional fitness routines, focusing on strength and conditioning to achieve remarkable results.

Abhishek's fitness training is a personalized experience that revolves around setting achievable goals, maintaining motivation, and enjoying a variety of workouts. Immerse yourself in a healthy routine that not only enhances physical fitness but also promotes mental well-being. Our tailored approach ensures that each session is a step towards your unique fitness objectives.

The benefits of engaging in fitness training with Abhishek Faria extend far beyond the physical. Experience effective body mass management, improved mental clarity, enhanced cardiac and bone health, a reduced risk of chronic diseases, elevated energy levels, and a comprehensive approach to injury prevention and management.

Choose the flexibility of personal one-on-one training or the camaraderie of group sessions; Mr. Abhishek Faria caters to your individual preferences. Join us at Healing Hour to embark on a fitness journey that brings together expertise, motivation, and a commitment to your overall well-being. Your path to a healthier, stronger self begins here.

Career Counselling

Embark on a transformative journey with Mr. Abhishek Faria's Career Counseling Services at the Healing Hour. Here's how his expertise can illuminate and guide your path:

1. Aptitude, Personality, and Qualities Assessment: Uncover your unique strengths, aptitudes, and qualities through personalized assessments. Mr. Abhishek Faria employs a tailored approach to help you understand how your traits align with potential career paths.

2. Degree and Job Finding Guidance: Gain insights into the most suitable degrees and career opportunities that align with your aspirations. Mr. Abhishek Faria provides strategic guidance on navigating educational paths and job markets to ensure a seamless transition into your desired field.

3. Job Search Strategies: Navigate the competitive job market with confidence. Career counselling at the Healing Hour involves developing effective job search strategies tailored to your professional goals. Learn proven techniques for discovering and securing opportunities aligned with your skills and ambitions.

4. Resume and Cover Letter Enhancement: Present yourself as the ideal candidate with expert feedback on your resume and cover letter. Mr. Abhishek Faria provides constructive insights to help you craft compelling documents that showcase your qualifications and stand out to potential employers.

5. Mock Job Interviews: Elevate your interview skills through mock job interviews. Receive valuable feedback on your performance, gain confidence, and refine your responses to common interview questions. Mr. Abhishek Faria ensures you are well-prepared for the challenges of real-world job interviews.

Whether you're at a crossroads, contemplating a career change, or seeking to enhance your professional prospects, Mr. Abhishek Faria's Career Counseling Services are designed to empower and guide you towards a fulfilling and successful career. Invest in your future today.

Family Counselling

Discover the transformative power of 'Family Counseling' services with Mr. Abhishek Faria at the Healing Hour.

Family counseling is a collaborative journey where Mr. Abhishek Faria works closely with families to address and resolve issues that impact the entire family system. This inclusive approach covers a spectrum of challenges, from communication breakdowns and conflicts to parenting concerns, behavioral issues, and relationship dynamics among family members.

How Family Counseling Works

Sessions involve multiple family members attending together. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques, Mr. Abhishek Faria guides families to understand each other's perspectives, express their emotions, and collaboratively address the issues at hand.

Key Aspects of Family Counseling at the Healing Hour:

  1. Holistic Issue Resolution: Family counseling is designed to holistically address the challenges affecting the family unit. Mr. Abhishek Faria focuses on fostering open communication, resolving conflicts, and enhancing relationships to create a healthier family dynamic.
  2. Identifying Behavioral Patterns: Mr. Abhishek Faria collaborates with family members to identify patterns of behavior contributing to the challenges they are facing. Understanding these patterns is a crucial step in developing effective strategies for overcoming obstacles.
  3. Collaborative Strategies: The goal of family counseling is to equip families with the skills and strategies needed to overcome challenges collaboratively. Through interactive sessions, Mr. Abhishek Faria encourages family members to express their perspectives, emotions, and work together towards solutions.
  4. Multifaceted Issues: Family counseling is beneficial for a wide range of issues, including marital problems, parenting concerns, substance abuse, mental health issues, and more. No matter the complexity of the challenges, Mr. Abhishek Faria provides a safe and supportive environment for families to navigate and overcome them.

Empower your family to overcome challenges and build stronger relationships. With Mr. Abhishek Faria's guidance in a safe and supportive environment, families gain the skills and strategies needed for lasting positive change. Take the first step towards a harmonious family life at the Healing Hour.

Relationship/Couple Counseling

Welcome to Healing Hour, where Mr. Abhishek Faria specializes in providing compassionate 'Relationship/Couple Counseling' to nurture and strengthen your connection. Our counseling services are thoughtfully designed to help couples navigate conflicts and cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

Mr. Abhishek Faria works collaboratively with couples to identify areas of conflict and develop effective strategies for resolution. The goal of relationship counseling is to enhance communication, deepen emotional connections, and foster a profound understanding of each other's needs and perspectives. Through this process, couples acquire new communication skills, explore alternative problem-solving approaches, and address underlying emotional issues contributing to conflicts.

Couples may seek relationship counseling for various reasons, such as communication difficulties, infidelity, financial stress, parenting challenges, sexual struggles, pre or post-marital concerns (including boundaries, dynamics, divorce, and family planning), or simply to fortify their relationship. The counseling journey comprises multiple sessions, during which Mr. Abhishek collaborates with the couple to pinpoint and address specific issues impacting their relationship.

At Healing Hour, we believe in the transformative power of relationship counseling, providing a supportive environment where couples can embark on a journey of growth, understanding, and renewed connection. Mr. Abhishek Faria is committed to helping you build a resilient and thriving relationship.

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